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About Global Choice

Global Choice is an integrated product that brings together the expertise of Airline Choice and the Global Elite Group, a partnership created to meet the growing demands of the transportation industry. Today, Global Choice supports over 35 airlines globally with advanced Security Technology solutions around travel document authentication, passenger risk assessments, visa verifications and compliance with data submission to Immigration authorities.

Document Authentication

Reduce fines for inadmissible passengers with an integrated document check into your security program. Designed to incoroporate results from IATA’s Timatic in addition to document authentication to eliminate forgeries, Global Choice delivers peace of mind to Security Managers while streamlining operational performance to agents.

Innovation on the Go

From the moment a passenger arrives at the airport up to the point of actual boarding, Global Choice’s mobility solution ensures a stress-free departure experience. As a pioneer for creating reliable mobile solutions, Global Choice continues to innovate. From tablets to mobile podiums and trolleys, Global Choice has your operation covered, wherever it may be.

Latest News

AVSEC World 2013
Visit Global Choice at AVSEC World 2013 in Istanbul, Turkey, November 5th - November 7th 2013
Global Choice to Announce New Aviation Security Solutions at AVSEC World 2013